Monday, February 28, 2011

disaster girl, unleashed

if you were to "stop by" right now, unannounced, you may have a tough time finding me... i'm buried in piles of stuff.  i was on the hunt for my SIN card.  it was an innocent mission to begin with...  i knew it would be in 1 of 2 drawers or possibly in a suitcase (i had a specific one in mind).  you see, i'm very organized.  it comes from not having a lot of space.  i store things in compartments, and i typically have a pretty good idea of what is inside of them.  tonight, when i couldn't find my card in the top 3 places, i began to panic and started to go through all of my compartments.  and going through my purses in case it had stayed in there.

while i was destroying my organized, compartmentalized life, i was thinking about... this post.  originally i had wanted to yatter on about how busy i have been over the last few weeks and how nice it was to have a whole week without any plans ahead of me.  while i calmly searched through my things, i thought about how last week, if i didn't do my laundry or grocery shop on a certain day, it just wouldn't get done.  there wasn't enough time. now i am left wondering... have i subconsciously given myself a make-work project?  because if that is the case i'm not friends with my subconscious right now!

as difficult as it will be for me, i am going to have to save cleaning this up until tomorrow.  i have made plans tonight and i'm not cancelling them on account of this mess.  but i have good news: i did find my card.  it was in the first drawer i looked in, but somehow i overlooked it.  my eyes and my memory failed me.  it happens.  take a look at this: i was so smart as to clip together all of the cards that i don't wish to carry in my wallet, you may also notice 2 boxes on either side, as examples of previously mentioned compartments...

fortunately for me, i have nothing to do for the rest of the week.  so after [what will likely be] a long day at work, i get to look forward to coming and putting my crap away...  maybe this is what having kids or a dog is like?  oh no, wait, i did this all by myself.


Boswell said...

I'm someone who's normally not as compart-mental as you, but I do usually have a good idea of where everything is... like you I have my top 3 places and the thing I'm searching for is usually there... but on occasion, like you experienced, my object of desire is simply missing... as if it fell into a black hole... only to appear later..... exactly where I already looked... just like what you experienced!! You wanna know something....?! Well I'm gonna tell you anyway... its elfin-faerie types having fun with you, or perhaps teaching you something! ONe day I discovered the truth of this when I found minature footprints (in incense-ash dust) all around my bureau! You might wanna leave a couple of smarties out for them (they love chocolate) and this won't happen again!

Angelaf said...

Hahaha. I'd have to say this kinda thing started happening to me when I got a husband.