Wednesday, February 9, 2011

karl pilkington

is my new favourite human being. 

i've been listening to the ricky gervais out now podcasts.  it's ricky, stephen merchant and karl pilkington talking about different subjects to promote their upcoming (now outdated) audio books.  despite being anti-headphones on the ttc, this has been worth it.  i'm the only person on the train smiling on my morning commute. actually i'm more than smiling, i'm in stitches.  and maybe a couple of people look at me like i'm a crazy, but that's okay.
here is a link to listen to some of the podcasts, alternatively you can upload them through itunes or purchase the audio books.  once i'm done with these i'm going to start watching an idiot abroad.  they have several different projects so i'll be sorting [laughing hysterically] my way through them.

you know who else is funny?  stewart lee
disclosure: to all harry potter fans [i know you're reading this because you're my biggest supporter robyn], please don't take him personally, he probably secretly loves hp.  to people who don't like the f word, please plug your ears around 1:12.  thanks.

i have one final funny.  it came from darryl's trash can this morning.  it really summed up the day for me, so i kept it. enjoy.

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Stephanie said...

victoria....I never knew we had this common. I absolutely LOVE Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington! Have you listened to the XFM podcasts yet?? You can download them here:
I've only gotten through Season 1 so far....not because they're not funny, but because I'm trying to ration them. If I had my way, I'd probably listen to the entire four seasons in one week :) Okay, also I've been watching An Idiot Abroad and it's just classic Karl....please start watching and we can discuss on our coffee breaks :)