Saturday, February 19, 2011

funny day

i woke up this morning from a deep sleep.  i can't remember the last time i've been that conked out.  it was marvelous.  mike and i had a nice morning that included tea and old motown songs before i headed home.  due to it's proximity to mike's house, i had to stop in sonic boom.  i picked up one of my most favourite movies, grizzly man (i know it's an odd one but...) and the album i ordered over a month ago.  on my way out i decided to stop into ghazale and treated myself to a carrot/apple/ginger juice (which is now churning in my stomach... in a good way?).  the lady handed me the drink and said "drink some" so i took a big sip "drink some more, i'm going to give you extra" i gulped back as much as i could and she refilled my cup. 

waiting for the subway with my friends
when i got to dundas west i sat down and waited for the bus.  i sat next to an older lady who had a small jack russell sitting on the seat of her walker.  the dog whimpered at me, and the lady asked me if i had fifty cents.  there was something about her that made me feel like i wasn't being duped.  maybe it was a scared and helpless look?  during our conversation she told me that she is sick and ohip doesn't cover all of her prescriptions.  a lot of her stories didn't line up but she was certainly interesting to talk to.  when my bus finally arrived i said goodbye and she said if she had enough change she would "get a coffee and a chicken sandwich, the dog eats the chicken and i eat the bread" ... side note: she spoke in a ukrainian sounding accent, although she had said earlier that she was from germany, and she happens to speak macedonian?? ... being that she didn't look overly mobile i went and got her the coffee and the sandwich.  she was so delighted that she gave me this necklace:
please try and contain your jealousy

it's pretty stylish.  i tried to refuse it (several times) but she insisted.  the gesture was kind.  i told her as i left that if ever see her again i'll be sure to say hello.  she told me she was going to be rich on monday and asked where she could find me.  with a deep sigh... i told her that i was sure we'd meet.


Stephanie said...

your experiences are definitely blog-worthy, victoria :)

Phil Simeon said...

You had a real B.C. kinda morning. Yes I remember you encouraging Alison and I to watch Grizzily Man with you in BC and then took us skiing in the deep woods with the bears - disturbing and entertaining.