Thursday, February 10, 2011


another week, another friday. i'm glad this week is over because it's been a long one...  that might have something to do with the bitingly cold temperatures in the negative twenties.  besides drying out your skin and causing your bones to ache this weather did give us some time with the sun and we didn't have to trudge around in piles of brown slush.  the temperature is supposed to rise a bit this weekend, i hope.

i'm feeling fortunate to have finished up this week with the core group of thursday nighters: megan, phil and alison. p&a have been busy preparing for the baby. meg and I were informed that this will likely be the last thursday night for a while. at least until phillys is ready for us.

in keeping with the theme of ending the week on a high note, we had a delicious dinner and lava cakes (c/o megan) for dessert. and watched some of the funniest shows on tv in real time (namely parks & rec and 30rock).


Stephanie said...

I believe you forgot to mention the office

victoria said...

you're right!