Friday, February 4, 2011


ALISON: my talented sister-in-law may as well be a chef. her passion for food is evident at any meal time.  in the kitchen she is innovative, environmentally concsious and does her best to keep the ingredients fresh and local.  she offers recipes, meal ideas, and other foodie insights on her blog: the pink truffle

AMY: amy is an incredibly hard working woman and dear friend.  she started lawns to gardens in 2009.  they have been working to provide fresh veggies for the people of the comox valley.  she is also an incredibly talented knitter - aka the knitty gritty - no website yet but she should consider putting some of her stuff online (hint hint).  in her "spare time" amy also works for her local girls group.

ANDREA: another very dear, and talented friend of mine started luvurtuqs.  andrea is one of the first people and best friends i met while living on vancouver island.  her toques are out of this world.  and that is no exaggeration.  you have likely seen me sporting one as i am one of her biggest fans.  you will not find anything else like this, i guarantee it!  andrea is also a talented seamstress... she makes re-usable bags and aprons for the above mentioned lawns to gardens girls.

ANGELA: i met angela while working at mount washington.  myself, angela, andrea and angie became good friends.  she has now moved back to her roots and runs dogg'inn on the east coast.  her knowledge and passion for pups has always amazed me.  i have learned so much from her and when i get my own dog one day it will surely benefit from that knowledge.

ANGIE: my best friend angie has created stuck on the west coast. she designs wicked decals to affix to whatever you might be into. she is talented in everything arts. if you've been to my apartment you would have seen two of her paintings up on my wall, a felted alien she made, and a variety of knitted goods. check her page stuck on the west coast on fb.

IVAN: as mentioned in an earlier post, visual inclination was started by ivan in 1999... at the ripe young age of 15! (sorry if that was a secret) but you have to give him credit. this guy has been working towards building his empire for 12 years now.

JESSE: brother12 is skilled in production and the dj world. i think it would be safe to say there is a constant stream of beats in his head. i can no longer find his tracks online!! so he better send them to me so i can post.

JENNIFER: another amazingly talented friend of mine started dolce amore cupcakes (based out of mississauga) with her friend nikita.  i have had the pleasure of sampling some of her work and it was amazing.  my favourite to date has been the mango.  these desserts are works of art.

MIKE: i have known mike for about 12 years.  he has been writing and recording songs probably since before he was born. you can find him playing shows in toronto but lately he has been working his butt off at finishing his new album.  we are very much looking forward to hearing the finished product!  in the meantime, check out his website and myspace

PHIL: my skilled brother has created a legacy in the hockey community.  you can find him shouting out drills in both the us and canada.  i will always be his number one fan.  i even have a signed puck from his days with the caledon canadians.  his website features tips and insight for all things hockey.

ROBBIE: here is a link to my cousin robert simeon aka robbie's website.  look out for this guy as he will be taking over canada in no time!

ROSS: ross hyndman is a landscaper in the greater toronto area.  i can't think of a time that i've seen ross and not heard about his latest project or idea, that kind of  passion and dedication is sure to pay off.  he has a vast knowledge of all things horticultural and a keen eye for design.

TODD: is my old roommate and friend who is an incredibly modest and talented artist. click here to admire some of his work.

and special mentions to....

if i've missed anybody please let me know and i will be doing another post like this one.

i truly admire and respect all of these people and all of the people who are pursuing a dream, who take chances and who invest time and energy in the things they love.


Jen said...

what a wonderful post. Thank you so much for the kind words.

Robyn said...

what a great idea vic. so smart and generous to get these people's names and talents out like this. hopefully, one day i will figure my shit out and do something cool and make the list too! you are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Vicki, heart in my life, star in my sky, gleam in my smile. My world would be a sad and lonely place without you.

Miss u everyday,