Sunday, February 27, 2011


i used to love cooking.  i became less interested in preparing meals when i was working at atlas cafe.  the shifts weren't conducive to regular meal times.  additionally, the food there was so amazing i had to eat it all the time.  when i moved back and lived with my parents, my mom did all of the cooking.  she is an amazing cook by the way!  and then i moved to the city and when you're living on your own it's sometimes cheaper to pick up something small rather than do a full grocery shop.  at least for me, anyway.

last night i decided to host some friends for a party that included dinner.  i psyched myself out a bit because it had been so long since i had really cooked for anyone but i think it turned out okay... in true "vicky" style, i had to over-complicate the dinner by making all new recipes.  i guess i figured it had been so long since i made my regulars, i may as well try some new things...  luckily mike was an excellent helper.


i didn't follow any set recipes, but i did read some for inspiration.  actually, the spanokopita i followed closely.  i can't believe they turned out! pictured from top left: chicken drumsticks and thighs marinated in spices, tzatziki, tapenade, quinoa, salad,  slow-cooker ratatouille, and lemon potatoes.  i was happy with the way everything turned out.  but the best part was watching people eat the food i made.  it's just as watching someone open christmas presents.

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robyn said...

It looks amazing Vic and I am devastated that I didn't get to indulge. I am a major foodie, as you well know. Anyways, you have inspired me to uncover my old recipe binder and get back into the kitchen.