Sunday, February 6, 2011

top two

i picked up joe cocker - with a little help from my friends at my new favourite store....  antique avenue, located on ottawa street in hamilton.  my parents took me to ottawa street to browse around the second hand stores.  there were a lot of great stores there, but antique alley was my favourite.  i had never seen a store quite like it!  it had that familiar musty thrift store smell, and was jam-packed with amazing collectables.  one of the owners told me that all of the items came from one guy who lived on a farm and had like 3 barns full of stuff.  one day i guess he decided to get rid of it... well according to this article, his wife wasn't as big into collecting and they were planning to move off the farm.  the prices at this store are insanely reasonable and i hope when i go back it hasn't been too picked over.

it has definitely been my most listened to vinyl over the last 2 weeks.  my favourite song on this albums is do i still figure in your life.. 

number two this week is hall & oates - rock and soul part 1.  i found it in the new arrivals at sonic boom on bloor.  hall and oates sure had a lot of boppy hits, and i've been listening to them on repeat:

favourite songs include, she's gone, rich girl, maneater and you make my dreams.  it is quite the contrast to the first album but that helps keep me balanced.

interesting fact: ottawa street is home to the first tim hortons, opened in 1964.

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