Monday, February 7, 2011

tweet tweet

just when i was beginning to get excited at the prospect of starting a twitter account, the "no" votes on the poll started to take the lead.  as i am writing this, they are tied at 7.

thanks to all of you who have voted. 

i think there is still a day left to vote so please keep voting.  i appreciate your advice, and i have a burning curiosity as to where people stand on certain, let's call them issues...

but i have a confession to make... i already started an account.  it happened last night.  i was doing some research for this post before i fell into a comatose-like sleep... i wanted to pull up some of the twitter accounts that i occasionally follow:
overheard newsroom
douglas coupland
shitmydadsays (i wish this never became a book or a show, can you say too much of a good thing?)

while searching around i found a couple other funny accounts... so i thought, well heck, i don't want to have to do this searching every time, so i created an account and hit "follow" . . . then it suggested all kinds of accounts i might want to follow, including: blogto, cbc, cp24.  now i can have two of my favourite things [funnies and news], right at the tip of my fingers.

i don't know if i will produce anything funny or interesting in 140 characters or less.  but i've been known to have a good one-liner here and there... so i'll let you know if anything comes tweeting out of my mouth.  for now the account is being used simply to follow other people.


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robyn said...

have to admit it was i who ties the no votes at 7. i don't really think my vote should be counted as mia and i started twitter accounts last year and really just never got the hang of them. also we never really followed anyone but the i reverse my no to a yes because i think you will know better what to do and get a lot more out of it.

our accounts were oranginafajita and litchen (i think that was hers).

so tweet tweet away,