Thursday, September 22, 2011

mbb @ lee's palace

last week i went to see the mike butlin band play at lee's palace.  a lot of people turned up from past and present, near and far.... okay that was cheesy.  but it's true. 

you would never know that they've only rehearsed twice in the last year... and that the rehearsals were crammed into the week of the show.  the guys looked like they were having a ton of fun on stage.  accompanied by a new member on keyboard they had a fresh and exciting dynamic.  many favourite songs were played but we didn't get to hear all of them.  every single one of those guys rocked it out and put on a great show.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i had the pleasure of attending a toronto fc game this week.  i was what i like to call kid excited, like really, really excited, like a kid in a candy store kind of thing.  jessa and josh invited mike and i along as they had extra tickets from a game that was rained out.  

it was my first ever professional soccer game... which is exciting enough in itself.  we arrived at bmo field and immediately purchased two beers.  i messaged jessa to let her know we had arrived.  our seats were in different sections but she had assured me that we could all stand together.  when i looked inside the gate there was a guest services lady standing there... i worried that she might check our tickets until i got jessa's message: make a right and come straight up like you own the place. so we did. and it worked.  rebels!!!!

the players came out, the national anthem was sung by the fans although it's not technically supposed to be (rebels!) and just before the game started a very loud sound erupted from behind us. it was a drum, being played right behind our heads.... oh, okay, this is happening... jessa and i couldn't stop laughing. i may have lost 10% of my hearing but it kept my energy level high throughout the game.  many fun songs were sung and the atmosphere was incredible.  

the game was exciting.  i constantly had to stop myself from running out onto the field to kick the ball.  i was inspired to start playing again.  we won 1-0.  there were many highlights but the best was when jessa would yell JORDAN! at nick soolsma when he messed up.  he looks just like someone we know... named jordan.

nick soolsma aka jordan

popular saying

i was working away from my desk today and i when i returned i found a copy of this sitting on top of my keyboard courtesy of the lovely and hilarious jenn e.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

david sedaris

after 2 or 3 chapters of this book i decided that i completely hated david sedaris. everything from his writing style to his vocabulary. i repeatedly told steph about my hatred and how this book might have turned me off of reading altogether.
for weeks it sat in the bottom of my purse and came with me everywhere i went. although i wasn't into the book, i couldn't seem to give up on it or start a new one. someone once said to me, i'll try anything twice. and with that in mind i gave it another try. i'm not sure what changed but this time i couldn't put it down.
naked is a collection of essays about his life, detailing events from childhood to adulthood. it turns out he is actually really funny. his stories can be at times dark and disturbing, but he has a way of keeping it light... i guess that comes along with a good sense of humour. 
i can't believe after hating it so much that i became hooked so easily. and i'm glad i didn't give up because his stories provided entertainment and obscure moral lessons. i'm currently reading when you are engulfed in flames also by david sedaris... i've grown comfortable with his life and his voice and i don't want the book to end...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


here are 2 photos from ribfest in burlington (aka canada's largest ribfest) this past weekend. 

you may or may not know that i'm not the world's biggest carnivore, but i was very excited for this event. the rib vendors come from all over the canada and the us. these people eat, breathe and live ribs and i love seeing people who are passionate about something (even if it's ribs).  it was hard to choose which one to go with but we settled on uncle sam's bbq from new mexico (probably because new mexico sounded exotic). i love ribfest because there is no admission fee. how many festivals do you go to where you can just stroll on in and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells free of charge? [side note - i have been to another one - the sound of music festival (also in burlington). i've grown quite fond of burlington, it's got city perks with small town feel and beautiful lake views and parks. local wildlife sightings include bunnies and swans.]

so anyway, ribfest had 2 stages with continuous performers, we saw a few of them and they weren't bad, not bad at all. the highlight for me was sharing a bloomin' onion with mike and my parents.

which is possibly one of my favourite indulgences of all time. it didn't sit that well but it was worth it.

Monday, September 5, 2011


i was riding the streetcar the other day and gazing out the window... my thought process went something like this: 

hey! there's a thrift store i've never noticed before
i wonder why i haven't noticed it
should i go there? 
i wonder if they have anything good
(side thought) i should find a garage sale to go to this weekend
maybe someone just dropped off a box of records 
...really good ones.
how come no one ever drops off a box of great records?
do they sell the good ones and then give the barbara streisand ones to value village?
do the people who work at the store pick out all the good ones? (i probably would)

then i had a memory, a fond memory of riding my bike up to my favourite thrift store. there were two or three boxes of records out front which indicated they had just arrived. sorting through the boxes i realized i had hit the jackpot.  name after name of artists i loved, 3 for $1.50 or $0.99 each. i grabbed as many as i could.  i was almost selfish about it, contemplating taking records i already had in case these ones were in better condition. but in the end i was reasonable. i left some good ones behind only taking the ones i really wanted.  it was such a great feeling, and it's one that i daydream about often. especially when i see a garage sale or a thrift store.

i have a friend (steph) who dreams and daydreams about finding change. walking along the street with her is often interrupted by a joyful shout - a penny! i found a penny! or ahh! a nickel! her enthusiasm for change is contagious.  jessa and i often try and spot change just so we can point it out to her and see that twinkle of excitement in her eye. steph's husband (jordan) surprised her one day.  she came out of the shower found this outside of the bathroom door:

she was so happy that she took a picture and showed it to us that day.  it got me thinking about the things i dream (and daydream) about... and led me to this post. i guess i realized that the records i dream of are out there but i have to look for them. just like steph and her change. you're not going to notice if you're not looking.  unless you get lucky, and that happens sometimes too.