Tuesday, September 6, 2011


here are 2 photos from ribfest in burlington (aka canada's largest ribfest) this past weekend. 

you may or may not know that i'm not the world's biggest carnivore, but i was very excited for this event. the rib vendors come from all over the canada and the us. these people eat, breathe and live ribs and i love seeing people who are passionate about something (even if it's ribs).  it was hard to choose which one to go with but we settled on uncle sam's bbq from new mexico (probably because new mexico sounded exotic). i love ribfest because there is no admission fee. how many festivals do you go to where you can just stroll on in and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells free of charge? [side note - i have been to another one - the sound of music festival (also in burlington). i've grown quite fond of burlington, it's got city perks with small town feel and beautiful lake views and parks. local wildlife sightings include bunnies and swans.]

so anyway, ribfest had 2 stages with continuous performers, we saw a few of them and they weren't bad, not bad at all. the highlight for me was sharing a bloomin' onion with mike and my parents.

which is possibly one of my favourite indulgences of all time. it didn't sit that well but it was worth it.


Alison Kilpatrick said...

I'm sorry we missed it! I'm one of those people who are passionate about ribs.

Iv said...

"i love seeing people who are passionate about something" - Completely agree. But, still, yuck.