Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i had the pleasure of attending a toronto fc game this week.  i was what i like to call kid excited, like really, really excited, like a kid in a candy store kind of thing.  jessa and josh invited mike and i along as they had extra tickets from a game that was rained out.  

it was my first ever professional soccer game... which is exciting enough in itself.  we arrived at bmo field and immediately purchased two beers.  i messaged jessa to let her know we had arrived.  our seats were in different sections but she had assured me that we could all stand together.  when i looked inside the gate there was a guest services lady standing there... i worried that she might check our tickets until i got jessa's message: make a right and come straight up like you own the place. so we did. and it worked.  rebels!!!!

the players came out, the national anthem was sung by the fans although it's not technically supposed to be (rebels!) and just before the game started a very loud sound erupted from behind us. it was a drum, being played right behind our heads.... oh, okay, this is happening... jessa and i couldn't stop laughing. i may have lost 10% of my hearing but it kept my energy level high throughout the game.  many fun songs were sung and the atmosphere was incredible.  

the game was exciting.  i constantly had to stop myself from running out onto the field to kick the ball.  i was inspired to start playing again.  we won 1-0.  there were many highlights but the best was when jessa would yell JORDAN! at nick soolsma when he messed up.  he looks just like someone we know... named jordan.

nick soolsma aka jordan

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