Monday, September 5, 2011


i was riding the streetcar the other day and gazing out the window... my thought process went something like this: 

hey! there's a thrift store i've never noticed before
i wonder why i haven't noticed it
should i go there? 
i wonder if they have anything good
(side thought) i should find a garage sale to go to this weekend
maybe someone just dropped off a box of records 
...really good ones.
how come no one ever drops off a box of great records?
do they sell the good ones and then give the barbara streisand ones to value village?
do the people who work at the store pick out all the good ones? (i probably would)

then i had a memory, a fond memory of riding my bike up to my favourite thrift store. there were two or three boxes of records out front which indicated they had just arrived. sorting through the boxes i realized i had hit the jackpot.  name after name of artists i loved, 3 for $1.50 or $0.99 each. i grabbed as many as i could.  i was almost selfish about it, contemplating taking records i already had in case these ones were in better condition. but in the end i was reasonable. i left some good ones behind only taking the ones i really wanted.  it was such a great feeling, and it's one that i daydream about often. especially when i see a garage sale or a thrift store.

i have a friend (steph) who dreams and daydreams about finding change. walking along the street with her is often interrupted by a joyful shout - a penny! i found a penny! or ahh! a nickel! her enthusiasm for change is contagious.  jessa and i often try and spot change just so we can point it out to her and see that twinkle of excitement in her eye. steph's husband (jordan) surprised her one day.  she came out of the shower found this outside of the bathroom door:

she was so happy that she took a picture and showed it to us that day.  it got me thinking about the things i dream (and daydream) about... and led me to this post. i guess i realized that the records i dream of are out there but i have to look for them. just like steph and her change. you're not going to notice if you're not looking.  unless you get lucky, and that happens sometimes too.

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