Thursday, September 22, 2011

mbb @ lee's palace

last week i went to see the mike butlin band play at lee's palace.  a lot of people turned up from past and present, near and far.... okay that was cheesy.  but it's true. 

you would never know that they've only rehearsed twice in the last year... and that the rehearsals were crammed into the week of the show.  the guys looked like they were having a ton of fun on stage.  accompanied by a new member on keyboard they had a fresh and exciting dynamic.  many favourite songs were played but we didn't get to hear all of them.  every single one of those guys rocked it out and put on a great show.


Alison Kilpatrick said...

Love both songs! I think the second is my favourite though. Mike sounds amazing! Really want to try and come next time... maybe if it's on a weekend we can go.

Andrea said...

I have been awaiting a new post since the 22nd.....where did you go? I miss your blog voice.