Tuesday, September 20, 2011

david sedaris

after 2 or 3 chapters of this book i decided that i completely hated david sedaris. everything from his writing style to his vocabulary. i repeatedly told steph about my hatred and how this book might have turned me off of reading altogether.
for weeks it sat in the bottom of my purse and came with me everywhere i went. although i wasn't into the book, i couldn't seem to give up on it or start a new one. someone once said to me, i'll try anything twice. and with that in mind i gave it another try. i'm not sure what changed but this time i couldn't put it down.
naked is a collection of essays about his life, detailing events from childhood to adulthood. it turns out he is actually really funny. his stories can be at times dark and disturbing, but he has a way of keeping it light... i guess that comes along with a good sense of humour. 
i can't believe after hating it so much that i became hooked so easily. and i'm glad i didn't give up because his stories provided entertainment and obscure moral lessons. i'm currently reading when you are engulfed in flames also by david sedaris... i've grown comfortable with his life and his voice and i don't want the book to end...

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Steph said...

Engulfed in Flames is one of his books that I liked. Me Talk Pretty One Day is really funny too. Glad you're back blogging again :) it always brightens my day!