Wednesday, August 10, 2011

slowing down

when i’m thoroughly enjoying the book i’m reading, i’ve noticed that by the last 40 pages or so i pick up the book less and less in an effort to make it last.  i drift away from the story wondering what i'll do when the book is finished – thinking nothing will ever compare.  and all of a sudden i realize i’ve somehow missed the last 2 pages.  as the story nears its end i don’t mind reading the pages over and over again.  i’ve always wondered... how is it possible to read while you’re thinking?  there is probably a simple answer but i’ve never gone so far as to figure it out. i think i like the mystery of it....  look at me, I can think and read at the same time!

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Andrea said...

I can think and read at the same time.....but do not absorb what I'm reading and end up re-reading and re-reading the page over and over again.