Wednesday, August 3, 2011


this photo isn't very good but i had to take one to prove i was there

yesterday i was a first time passenger on the new ttc rocket.  only minutes earlier i had been saying that it probably doesn't actually exist... which only seemed reasonable considering i hadn't actually seen it or knew anyone who had.  well little did i know... i was about to eat my words.  after climbing the steps to transfer southbound at st. george i noticed something different; there were no screeching tracks and no loud rumblings. i watched in awe as the brand new train came barreling down the tracks. it was so quiet, so sleek, so ... new.

"ooh look at me, i'm all shiny and new"

for those of you who haven't been hearing about it day in and day out, the ttc is integrating these fancy shmancy new trains on the yonge/university line.  here is a concise blogto article if you want to know more. i'm fairly skeptical of the design... despite being noticeably smoother and quieter there were even more armpits in my face.

via blogto - look, it's all connected - neat.

it'a shame that they aren't adding any of the new trains to the bloor/danforth line which still runs trains with no air conditioning and vinyl seats... could the ttc be favoring people who live north and south of the downtown core?  they claim to have more passengers on that line, but i can tell you (for certain) that at rush hour, going east is always more crowded than going south (and northbound is never as crowded as westbound).  in conclusion, i think someone needs to double check their statistics!


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