Sunday, February 20, 2011

family day

on saturday night my parents hosted a party for my brother, aunt and uncle's birthdays.  near the end of the evening i sat down on the couch next to my grandfather with mike's iphone to play angry birds.  without saying a word, my grandfather took it out of my hands and started playing with it.  i don't know how an 82 year old man without any knowledge or concept of technology picks up an iphone without question and starts playing angry birds like he's been doing it for months.  but it happened.  and i can't get over it.  there was no dialogue about the touch-screen technology or how the game was played.  it seemed to be entirely instinctual.

on our way to hamilton today (with mike and my parents) we drove along the beautiful north shore road in the sunshine.  and then stopped at my new favourite antque store on ottawa street.  i picked up this ring:

then we drove up into the hills of hamilton, overlooking the escarpment, to this waterfall (i will add the name once i remember it) . . . 


Anonymous said...

Tews Falls

Andrea said...

Angry Birds! That's Al's FAV! Ring....AWESOME! I want it.....or one like it....miss u.