Wednesday, February 23, 2011

auto show

dear friends,

my father and i went to the canadian international auto show.  he had been there all day and i met up with him after work. in addition to looking at cars, we entered contests and i played the driving games that the kids seemed to be most interested in.  we grabbed as many freebies (re-usable bags and a couple of ford metal water bottles) as we could.  i noticed there were a lot of white cars this year.  when i'm at this event i become torn between looking at the cars i love and want, and the practical cars that i could potentially afford.  ultimately the pretty cars win.  and the fast ones.

afterward we went for dinner at the salad king which has been shut down for ten months.  you can read the full story here.  i heard about salad king through my friend rob when he was visiting in '09.  the food is really good and reasonably priced.  my dad said it reminded him of new york style places that are built for maximum capacity.  i wouldn't know, i've never been to new york... but it made me laugh because natalie was just in new york and complained about having absolutely zero personal space.

in other news... i went to the beaver on queen with a friend i haven't seen in 7 years or so.  i really enjoyed seeing her.  it's amazing when you can pick up right where you left off with someone.  i guess it's because some things never change.  i will also be seeing another friend from years ago, dan lidbury, and in a later post i will tell you more about what he is up to.  the city is starting to feel like a really big humberview... filled exclusively with the people i really like... and absent of some of the friends i was/am closest to.  i am fortunate to have so many familiar faces in my life right now.  especially really sweet, kind and awesome ones.

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Phil Simeon said...

You definitely look better in the second car!