Saturday, February 5, 2011

q-tip - the renaissance

3 weeks ago i ordered an album through sonic boom.  they told me it would arrive within a week.  i don't mind waiting a little bit longer except i'm worried that it's gone missing... and i would really like to listen to it.

in december i ordered  2 t-shirts through threadless.  they never came.  i was so disappointed.  they refunded my money but i would have rather received the shirts.  one of them is out of stock and they're not reprinting it.  i don't often order things, online or otherwise..  somehow i have this feeling that if i can't find it, it wasn't meant to be... and that maybe i would find it another day.  the rare times i've thought something is worth ordering i've been let down. maybe it just isn't a good idea. 

i think my ability to be patient comes from my passion for thrift stores and garage sales.  it forces you to endure.  you have to invest time to rummage, to find the right thing at the right price.  you have to go every week (or as often as possible).   i love to browse but i hate to shop (ie. in a mall).  there is something unique about second hand stores.  you start to see the same faces.  the same people scouring the same shelves for the items they love.  for items they may need or may just want.  you form a bond with them and the people who work there.  who understand what brings you there every week.  you work for your finds.  and in a way, you learn a bit of history..  and a lot about people.

the album is called the renaissance and i'll let you know more about it when it arrives.

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