Friday, February 25, 2011


being that i'm on a serious motown kick, i picked up this record last weekend.  at the time, i had no idea what tcb was.  in hindsight, it should have been obvious.  taking care of business, the title of this musical from 1968.  it is really fun to listen to.  not only because the music is awesome, but there are some talking interludes that are funny and make you feel like you've travelled back in time.


tcb - i first heard this acronym from my brother.  i have a feeling he really likes acronyms.  he also coined aqap (as quickly as possible).  and i feel like this is a good time to mention that he is participating in a fundraiser called live freethis is the email i received from phil this morning that i'd like to share with you:

As you may know I'm a volunteer board of director with Halton Food For Thought (HFFT). HFFT ensures hungry kids are fed at school and given a better chance to learn.
We are in the midst of one of our major fundraising campaigns. This one is called Live Free. The point of Live Free is to give something up for a day.
I'll be giving up coffee on that day. Most of you know I really enjoy coffee and consider this a pretty big sacrifice given that I’ll be a parent any day now (I'll keep you posted on that too).
Please consider donating and know that your money will go directly to purchasing food to feed hungry kids at Halton schools.
You can donate by clicking here and any donation is appreciated.

i keep thinking to myself i haven't done any volunteer work in a while... and that i'd like to... but i haven't gotten around to it yet.  considering all that phil and alison have on their plate - it is pretty amazing (and inspiring) that he is taking this on.