Friday, February 18, 2011

full moon

today wasn't the best day.  and on the subway a woman pushed me as i was trying to step out of her way and i tweaked my back trying to keep my balance.  it's funny, it was around 9 degrees and sunny but people (including myself) seemed extra grumpy.  so here is what i think might make the world (and my world) a better place. 

i'd like:
  • spring to start springing
  • people not to litter
  • earbuds that never tangle
  • a 3 day weekend, every weekend
  • a piece of mail that isn't a bill or junk once a week
  • often finding things in the first place you look
  • more kindness and patience
  • less selfishness
in other news.... i got the review of the day on yelp today and am so thrilled.

and it's the friday of a long weekend.  i have a couple of new records to listen to, books to read, free time and family time.  it's going to be a good weekend, damnit.

this is my mind, vinyl.


Stephanie said...

3 day weekend, every weekend....that's exactly what I told Jordan we needed earlier today. I also like whip cream that stays on your latte and doesn't get blown onto your friend by the ridiculously strong wind :)

victoria said...

bahahaha - but then what would we laugh about??