Monday, February 14, 2011

cliche topic

you can't really escape valentine's day, whether you love it or hate it...  so why not like it? 

after spending years of refuting this day, i have finally realized that it's only about romantic ideals if i make it that way.  and if i make it that way, i'm supporting the notion that romance is the reason to avoid it or celebrate it and contributing to the reason i don't like it in the first place. 

...just to clarify i have been opposed to the idea of valentine's day whether or not i have been in a relationship.  i think the reasons why are fairly obvious.  but mainly i thought it was discriminatory, overly commercial and full of expectations.  but every year my parents have sent me a valentine and it wasn't until this weekend that i realized they've been trying to tell me this all long...

so today i'm celebrating all kinds of love.  and spreading as much love as i can.  i still think it's a silly holiday but i want to focus on the fact that i am thankful to have love in my life.  i am lucky. 

thank you to all my friends and family.
old man's valentine

valentine's at trinity bellwods

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