Tuesday, February 15, 2011

knitting fail

this is a dishcloth i started knitting in early december for mike's mum for christmas.  that was 2 months ago, for the record.  it's based on the same one i made for my mum one mother's day a few years ago.  it was all going smoothly until i took a closer look and noticed i had made a couple of mistakes.. instead of finishing it i just stopped.  whether or not you know anything about knitting - i believe it is evident that i am approximately 3 rows away from completion.  realistically, not many people are going to notice the mistakes i made but for some reason this was reason enough not to finish it.  not long ago i took all my incomplete knitting projects and turned them back into balls of yarn.  that took an unexpectedly long amount of time but i felt a lot better afterward.  once that was over with i was able to start this dishcloth. and now here i am, daydreaming about a new project and still dreading the old one.  the solution is simple:  finish the last three rows (in roughly 4 minutes or less) and cast off.  the end.

i started thinking about the dreaded dish cloth yesterday.  i had called andrea to wish her a happy birthday. (imagine sharing your birthday with saint valentine?...)  she was telling me about the yarn harlot, which is a blog that she suggested i would like.  our conversation went something like this:  "the yarn hartlett?" "no, the yarn harlot, like a whore...let"  "ohh!" we had a good laugh about that. (and hartlett isn't a word so i'm not sure exactly what i was thinking) and the blog is fantastic... thanks andrea!

tonight i was chatting with amy online and she sent me a link to this video:

and i was moved.  i will be doing some research on this newfound adele character.  and listening to this song on repeat.  thanks amy!

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Andrea said...

I thought I commented on this already....huh....well I'll comment again. I knew you'd like/love her. How could you not! Next you'll have to try and meet her or something...MAN that would be cool....maybe I could come out and we could meet her together.
miss u