Sunday, February 13, 2011

beirut - the flying club cup

i can never seem to get the name of the album right.  is it meant to be that way or is there really a flying club cup? because a flying cup club just makes more sense to me. am i supposed to care enough to remember if club comes before cup or vice versa?  admittedly i don't like the album name, but i do like the album.  this was the first beirut song i ever heard, and i was pretty much sold.  and here is the video that introduced me:

it comes from the people at la blogotheque, you may have heard of their take-away shows and if you haven't the nantes video is a good introduction.  you get the idea.... take... away... show... and put a video on the internet.  yep, it's that simple folks.

the song immediately stood out because of the way it made me feel.  i neglected to become critical of any musical factors because of that powerful feeling.  so around 2 years ago i got this record:

and it's a good record.  and i still listen to it, which is maybe why i'm reviewing it so long after the fact.  but mainly i love listening to nantes.  his voice is very.... unique, and maybe that's a good thing but i can't say i am really a huge fan of his singing style or his voice.  the overall composition (the feeling) i think is great, and the cover is pretty ... retro looking .... so that's fun.


robyn said...

i love blogotheque and ACTUALLY some of my buddies from high school years have this awesome band in montreal and they are doing really well and actually got asked to do a takeaway show for blogotheque and they did it in a no frills in toronto!!! lol.,5685

check ca!

mindvinyl said...

it's a great video! thanks for sharing