Thursday, March 31, 2011


this morning i was inspired by the lady at bathurst subway station who hands out the free daily newspaper.  as i approached her in the freezing rain, just as every time i've seen her before, she had a big smile on her face.

good morning! i exclaimed, i hoped to meet her smile with equal enthusiasm
good morning - hope you're having a good day! she says
no umbrella? 
no but i'll be going home soon. in 2 hours.

2 hours did not seem soon to me.  i was worried she'd be soaked.  we continued small talk for a little while.  a car pulled up and she ran over and brought the man 2 of the free daily papers before he drove off.  that's so nice of you. i said.  she didn't seem to mind.  the smile never left her face.  i told her i wished i could be more like her, i can't really explain in words how much sincere positivity this woman projects.  i told her i don't know how you do it. to which she replied i'm no eeyore.

it took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, but when i did i smiled.  you certainly aren't.  i thanked her and as i descended the steps to the platform i noticed the smile hadn't left my face.  how infectious a bit of positivity can be!  the feeling carried with me throughout the day.  and when the everyday turbulence hit i remembered to keep a smile on my face.

it's not like it is particularly difficult to be positive.  but it doesn't appear to come naturally.  it's something to work on.  but what a difference it makes.

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