Saturday, March 19, 2011

cold war kids

cold war kid's third album came out this year in january.  i love it.  i haven't listened to their second album much but i loved the first album, robbers and cowards.  i was initially drawn to the songs that are driven by rock-y and heavy piano.  mine is yours has less piano (if any?) but after a few listens, i'm really into it.  my favourite song is louder than ever

the best part of the album, in my humble opinion, are the first 4 songs.

on friday i saw them perform live at the phoenix.  the venue is definitely not one of the best in toronto.  but it easy to get to via ttc at least.  i thought the band fell a little flat live.  in fact it inspired me to decide that from now on i primarily want to go to shows of musicians that i genuinely love and respect and love dancing to their music.  dancing being the most important part at the moment.

audience is one of their singles that features more of the piano sound i like:

Cold War Kids - Audience by Matt Kuhn

but imagine if they inverted their name to hot peace adults?  tee hee

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