Friday, March 11, 2011


unfortunately i missed a fantastic show last night.  mother mother played at the phoenix and i had no idea.  it's canadian music week in toronto.  mike is exhibiting for work, so he has this fancy badge that i think is really cool.  it doesn't look anything like this:

i had briefly skimmed the artists but there were so many i couldn't be bothered to search (thoroughly) for a familiar name.  please listen to my favourite mother mother song:

the weather appears to be trending to the warmer side.  i've noticed major improvements in the quality and quantity of people watching.  i find it much more interesting during spring, summer and fall.  maybe because i'm not a huge fan of winter after the month of decmber.

. . . toronto is a great place to observe different styles.  it might be due to the mass amounts of people.  my current favourite website has brought their street style feature back.  this is entertaining for several reasons: sometimes it's inspiring, and sometimes it inspires laughter, and other reasons to be determined by the viewer. i wish i had the guts to take photos of strangers because there are a lot of different styles i'd like to document.  but it's pretty much impossible to take a photo of a stranger and not feel like a creep.  whether or not you're taking it in secret.  that's why i like pages like street style!

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