Friday, March 4, 2011

goings on

this morning i shared a laugh with a stranger.  we watched a man pry open the subway doors and squeeze his way on.  i had been standing there hoping the doors would re-open due to his ninja like door stint, but they didn't.  i think she had been hoping the same.  as the train started to pull away we made eye contact and laughed together.  it was nice.

on another interesting note - as i was riding the st. clair streetcar today i came across a store called: st john fish sandwiches and antiques.  i had to look it up, and it turns out that it is... an antique store that also offers sandwiches and pop.  so - how about that?

i still can't get over how amazing my niece and alison are.

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Anonymous said...

As the proud grandfather of baby Jane I have to commend the photographer of the pictures on your blog. The night I dropped off Jane's aunt(maybe pronounced "ont") I heard the soulful voice of Adele and I liked it.