Wednesday, March 23, 2011


one of the most important lessons i learned during my years in the public education system was not about math, science or history.  i was in grade five at the time, when our teacher handed out a test...  before commencing the test he said "make sure you read all of the instructions before starting."  i scoured the first page for instructions but all i saw was questions.  i noticed my peers had already begun writing and became concerned that i was falling behind.  as i filled out the test a strange feeling came over me, the questions didn't appear relevant... until i got to the last question on the second page.  well, it wasn't a question it was an instruction, and it read something like do not answer any of the questions.

once the entire class had arrived at that question we looked at our teacher with dismay.  some students, like myself, were worried that our grades were about to drop.  others were annoyed at the teacher, they believed he had tricked them.  only 1 student out of our class of 28 had actually followed the instructions.  this test did not count towards our overall evaluation but it did teach, at least some of us, a valuable lesson.  ever since that day, whatever the type of directions i read them through.  i think it has helped me greatly in terms of recipes and assembling things.  and as an overall life lesson.

and so in the spirit of this lesson... i took on my rice cooker tonight. and then i took a picture of it.  and i threw in a picture of what i made in my rice cooker. and a photo of my slow cooker, because i like it.


Steph said...

Mmm looks good :)

Andrea said...

I totally was given that same (or somewhat similar) test as a kid. Man, you only learn that lesson once.