Monday, March 28, 2011


i was introduced to a new board game this weekend called quelf:

quelf is a multi player game, we played over the weekend with mike's family.  the game is played with 3 - 8 players.  each player chooses a character to represent them as they move to the end of the board.  as you roll the dice, you move onto different coloured bricks.  each of the colours represents a quelf card, and comes with it's own set of rules as to how to card is played.    

blue cards represent roolz (aka rules): my rule was to keep my right elbow on the game board at all times until i got a new rule. 

yellow cards represent stuntz, when you draw one of these cards you are asked to preform a stunt, if you do not preform the stunt you must take the penalty and move back that many spaces. 

red cards represent scatterbrainz, in which you pick a topic or a word to rhyme off of the card and it goes aroung the table until someone messes up, they take the penalty. 

green cards are quizzles in which the person who drew the card is asked a true or false question or something the like.  

and lastly the purple cards are called showbiz and these cards challenge you to perform in one way or another, if you do not preform you must take the penalty.  

it is a fun and interactive game in which you will not be bored for a single second.  there is really no strategy or skilled involved, it is just the luck of the draw and your ability to meet whatever challenge the card presents.

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Andrea said...

sounds freakin awesome!