Tuesday, March 22, 2011

downtown yoga

i attended 2 yoga classes last month at the yoga sanctuary in toronto.  they have 2 studios, one on the danforth and one at yonge & college.  the first class i attended at the downtown studio was ashtanga.  the second class on the danforth was yin yoga.  the classes couldn't have been more different but they were equally enjoyable.  the ashtanga class was fast paced and challenging, the instructor was phenomenal.  he would adjust the newer students without making them feel singled out.  he also offered beginner options for the more difficult poses.   the yin yoga class consisted of holding poses for 5 minutes at a time.  the poses were simple but staying in them for that length of time proved difficult.  this class was offered in the dark with music playing..  the instructor shared with us part of the books she was reading. i can no longer recall the name of the book - but i do recall what she shared:
fear - false expectations appearing real . . .

i liked both of the classes for different reasons.  unfortunately neither of the locations are convenient for me.  both of the studios are in gorgeous old style buildings with high ceilings, beautiful windows, exposed brick and wooden beams that make me happy to be in toronto.  the spaces in themselves were inspiring, and add on top of that the effects of yoga... i was effectively exhausted both mentally and physically at the end of each class, which was exactly what i went there for.

one thing i didn't go there for was the headband pictured below from downtown betty which i picked up from the danforth studio.  i can't figure out much about the company (ie where they are located) but i love their logo and it is hands down the most comfortable and effective headband i have ever worn. i  would highly recommend it for keeping your hair out of your face while exercising.


Andrea said...

send me one!

mindvinyl said...

i will - you will love it!! btw - i looked for boyfriend jeans to send back with amy but i couldn't find them!! rrrr.