Wednesday, March 30, 2011


i had a post prepared today to commemorate mitch hedburg.  he passed away 6 years ago today.  but instead i want to share this beautiful quote with you:

photo from this flickr page
quote from hafiz or hafez
i thought it was such a beautiful way of thinking about love and life.  i feel like people in western society have such a great sense of entitlement.  and the reason for this is unknown to me.  it reminded that an entitled point of view can perpetuate negativity in life.  that everything doesn't have to be give and take, sometimes it can just be give.  it reminded me that life isn't all about the day to day and to think of the bigger picture.  the things to be grateful for, like the sun  ... which luckily was shining today.  and the snow is slowly melting and you can almost feel spring in the air.

and i finally have another tale from the ttc.  i was sitting on the bus on my way home today when a young boy (around 3) shouted out aye aye aye and a young girl (around 4) shouted back in a slightly higher pitch: aye aye aye, from the back of the bus.  they were total strangers, and she was completely unprompted.  he went again: ooh ooh ooh  and she called back in her voice: ooh ooh ooh.  they continued exchanging sounds for almost a minute.  she said we're talking dad.  it was evident that these children knew how to speak, but embraced the simplicity of the sounds they could make and the interaction.  and in turn the entire bus was giggling.  it was pretty special.

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Andrea said...

I love this quote. I want it on my wall. I especially like the little bees!