Saturday, March 5, 2011

women singing

when i was a teenager i didn't like listening to female singers.  i can't think of a particular reason, other than most of the bands i liked had male vocalists.  my the times have changed.  the list of females vocalists that i adore is continuously growing.  but here is a sample of my current favourites:

1 - florence and the machine:

2 - adele:

3 - jill barber:

4 - fiona apple:

5 - julie doiran:

6 - cat power:
7 - lily allen

i'd love to go on but i'm stopping myself here.  too much of a good thing.  or not a good thing for everyone.  but if you haven't listened to say, fiona apple since the 90s you should definitely give her another try.  and if you've already heard it all, well i hope you enjoy my playlist.

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