Tuesday, March 8, 2011

neighbourhood map of toronto

i first saw this map at alternative arts on bloor in the annex.  it's a framing store that has posters, plaques and a variety of cards and....  i love this print.  i did some research and found out it's from a company called ork.  it got me thinking about how large and diverse toronto is.  and how rich the city is with history.  my mom has given me several historical books of toronto and both her and my dad are quite knowledgeable on the subject.  there are so many neighbourhoods that i have never been to or seen... and i'm excited by the prospect of new worlds to explore.

i had a brief conversation with my friend amy tonight.  she told me about the yarn-bombs she had spotted outside the library in courtenay.  here is one of the photos she took.  it's so detailed!

i forgot to mention that i've seen quite a few yarn bombings in toronto.  i'll have to remember to take a photo next time i see one.

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