Saturday, April 2, 2011

the gypsy rebels

last night mike and i went to a little place in the junction called aquila.  i've been meaning to check out and we were pleasantly surprised.  they have live music from wednesday through sunday... and never any cover charge.  the food and drinks were reasonably priced and it had an eclectic, jazzy kind of feel.

the musicians of the night were the gypsy rebels and consisted of a bass, accordian, piccolo or trumpet, and a spanish guitar player who is also the vocalist.  they were exceptional musicians, but most exceptional was the bass player.  i think we could have observed his talents for hours on end.  it was also the first time we'd seen anyone play a piccolo.  i knew the opening song from the movie gypsy caravana documentary about gypsy music.  it features one macedonian gypsy singer: esma redzepova to whom i feel a connection to.  after first seeing that film i tried to convince my family that i was part gypsy.  my dad still calls me gypsy.  it's all in good fun, i'm not really a gypsy.... here is a video of esma, please be prepared for her intense singing style:

below is a clip of the gypsy rebels playing it at an outdoor show in toronto.  last night they were full of life, energy and ... a bit of  audacity.  most of the audience appeared to be regulars, or friends and family of the band.  during one song he walked into the floor of the restaurant and played a song while staring intensely at one of the patrons.  we couldn't stop laughing.  after a few traditional gypsy songs they went into covers.  near the end of the first set people were up and dancing.  it was quite entertaining to say the least.

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