Thursday, April 28, 2011

mr. freeze

yesterday i was riding the street car.  it was fairly busy and as i walked to the back i passed a stroller.  sitting behind the couple with the stroller was an older man eating a mr. freeze.  walking by i heard him say i know you want one but you'll have to wait until you're out of that stroller and you're old enough.  from where i was sitting i could observe them.  the little girl started out with a curious look on her face, she was saying bubby, bubby, bubby  and then reaching out for the mr. freeze.  the man shook his head at her.  she continued with that tactic until realizing that it clearly wasn't working.  her next approach involved her looking down, and then back up and smiling at the man a few times before reaching out for the freezy.  he chuckled, but still shook his head, no.  it was evident to everyone but the little girl that there was no way she was getting his freezy.  she was not yet aware that passing germs with a stranger is a big no no.  her final tactic, which was the funniest one to watch involved her tilting her head down and furrowing her brow.  she looked quite ticked off with him.  and occasionally she would flare her nostrils at him.  i got a real kick out of it.


Alison said...

I like that an older man was eating a freeze! I haven't had one in years.

Anonymous said...

Cute story, but i cant help thinking this guy was somewhat crazy.. Thursday felt like winter- definitely not warm enough for a mr freeze!! (or otter pop - that's the American version ;) )

Steph said...

Oops that comment was me :)