Sunday, April 17, 2011


i recently had the pleasure of seeing two exceptional movies: 

win win is currently in theatre.  it's about a family.  the father is a lawyer who is struggling to make ends meet.  i don't want to give much away, it's really worth seeing for yourself.  the movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster with a multitude of underdog characters that you are continuously rooting for.  starring two of actors who i have soft spots for jeffrey tambor and paul giamatti.  another treat was seeing holly from the office as a new jersey mother with a whole lot of spunk and a great sense of humour.  i sincerely loved this movie, and i would watch it again in a heartbeat.

i vaguely remember seeing a preview for get low at the theatre and thinking it would be a great movie and then forgetting all about it... until we saw the cover at the video store this weekend.  starring another actor i have a soft spot for, robert duvall.  he plays a hermit who has (basically) exiled himself from his community.  he lives on 300 acres of land with his mule.  the mule is really cute.  he has decided to have a funeral party for himself before he dies.  the movie takes you through the planning stages, and gives clues as to why he has become a hermit.  so if you want to find out why, watch it.

both of these movies were heartwarming and feel good, suspenseful and not too predictable.  they both had great casts and fantastic acting.  i feel like it's not something you come across too often in hollywood style movies that explode at the box office (whether or not they are any good).  it was a nice change.

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Andrea said...

I'll look for them at the video store! They sound good.