Wednesday, April 13, 2011

first ride

i should have mentioned in yesterday's post - i listened to the leader's debate.  i don't have too much insight that you haven't already heard but here is an entertaining summary from the national post entitled leader's debate: he said, he said

before the debate, was my first bike ride of the season: 

to give some background: i had always wanted a road bike... i thought (and still think) they looked so cool and fast... mainly cool.  my first time riding one, i had borrowed my friend alice's forest green giant and her clip in shoes.  i couldn't believe the speed i achieved from being clipped in.. with my shoulders and arms tucked in i felt so aerodynamic... i felt like an athlete.  and to quote my father, who tells me you're not an athlete, but you are athletic... it was a new and exhilarating feeling to me... until at one point i came to a stop and couldn't unclip my shoe.  i promptly toppled over with the bike, laughing hysterically...  at the time i had a mountain bike, and two cruiser bikes that i wasn't willing to part with.  that left me with no room and no money for a road bike.  and then i came into some luck.  i was given a beautiful, shiny, blue norco road bike (circa 1980s) with freshly taped red handle bars.  it was so light i could pick it up effortlessly with one hand.  this bike was the epitome of cool.  i could boot around town in lightening speeds... the only problem was it was a size or two big for me and created discomfort when i stepped forward off the seat.  sadly i left that bike on vancouver island but i know it's in good hands.

yesterday's bicycle of choice was a vintage (matte-grey and gold) fuji road bike.  it is also a bit big for me but i manage.  my dad found it on the curb one garbage day and fixed it up.  it rides pretty smoothly.  it breaks very poorly.  but after about 15 minutes on the bike i felt strain in my arms and shoulders from the awkward forward position of a road bike.  and the location of the breaks does not inspire confidence.  nonetheless, i had a good ride and was happy to be out enjoying some fresh air... and to my surprise, i'm not at all sore today. 

my memory is currently flooded with bikes i have loved. bikes i have ridden. bikes i still have and ones that got away. each of them with their own story and special place in my heart. but i'll save those for another day.


Andrea said...

I got a bike! Its yellow! A mix between mountain and commuter bike. Exciting!

mindvinyl said...

I can't wait to see your bike next time I'm out for a visit!!!!