Monday, April 25, 2011

extra long weekend

 i came home tonight after a long weekend away from work, city and stress and found this in the mail:

 i had emailed the city and they sent me one in the mail.  here is a link to the electronic version.  i'm looking forward to exploring the city and finding some alternative routes.  i'm still not entirely at ease when drivers speed past me... sparing only an inch or two between the vehicle and myself.  the downtown streets are packed with parked cars and angry drivers and i'm not entirely comfortable with it.  i think over time it will get easier.

over the weekend mike and i went for a bike ride on the caledon railway path.  the ride was approximately 25 kilometers round trip.  we stopped in caledon east for a beer.  i felt great afterward.  i'm glad biking season is back.

the ride was pretty flat which was nice and not too challenging.  whenever we stopped for a break the most noticeable thing was the silence.  all you could hear was the wind blowing and birds chirping and cawing.  it was peaceful.  we passed different landscapes, streams, trees and farms.  and at one of the farms we stopped and made friends with these two horses.  we named them both fabio.


Andrea said...

both fabio! you are the cutest!

Alison said...

Biking in the city gets way easier and then you feel so free and awesome. Be careful though! Do you have a helmet?