Sunday, May 1, 2011

massey hall

this past saturday included my first trip to massey hall.  i was impressed.  we saw two acts there: the opening act was one of my favourite canadian artists: jill barber and the incredibly talented michael kaeshammer.  in between sets i waited in a busy crowd and was able to meet her and get this album signed and speak with her briefly.  i was over the moon. 

i had never really heard of michael kaeshammer before.  he was introduced as canada's harry connick jr. but i think he stands out on his own.  notably, the drummer was out of this world and the interaction between them made the show what it was.  the whole group was awesome to watch and listen to.  you can get an idea of what i mean from this video:

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Andrea said...

jealous of your signed Jill Barber, How totally Amazing!!!!