Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a boy of good breeding

i just finished an excellent book called a boy of good breeding by one of my favourite canadian authors miriam toews. it's set in algren, manitoba which i believe is a fictional town created for the purposes of this book.  in the book, algren's claim to fame is being the smallest town in canada: population: 1,500.  the story follows two main characters who are vaguely connected, knute and hosea.... interesting names.  knute is in her early twenties and has a four year old daughter named summer feelin. she moves back to algren to help out her parents after her father suffered a heart attack and is having a challenging recovery.  hosea is the mayor of algren and anyway... read the book to find out more about their interesting and unique stories. 

i think i need to take a trip to sonic boom.  all this reading has me out of touch with the world of music and i miss it.

can you tell i was good at writing book reports as a kid?


Phil Simeon said...

Given the names was it Montana or Manitoba?

mindvinyl said...

haha! because of all the wacky town names in montana... right?

Alison said...

Can I borrow it please?