Friday, January 28, 2011


wiretap is a radio show on cbc featuring one of my idols, jonathan goldstein.  you can listen to it on saturdays at 1:30pm or thursdays at 11:30pm.  if you're anything like me and have no regularity in your life, you can get just get the podcasts.

i don't think the videos really do it justice.  but it will at least give you a taste if you've never heard of him.  you have to understand, when i hear wiretap on the radio it feels like i've won the lottery of timing.  this show 9 times out of 10 has me in stitches, and the other time, it gets me thinking.  the podcasts are convenient but i prefer the magic of catching him at his regular air time.

i'm actually such a huge jonathan goldstein fan that i bought and read his books, lenny bruce is dead  & ladies and gentleman, the bible!  i doubt any other author (or person) could trick me into reading bible stories.

this post is mainly about wiretap, but i would also like to profess my love for podcasts in general.  spoiled for choice, i stick mainly to the things i know (ie. cbc shows and ricky gervais).  if you could recommend any that you listen to, please let me know.  right now i'm listening to the january 15th episode of quirks and quarks which is talking about music releasing dopamine in the brain.

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Ivan said...

You summed up my thoughts about Wire Tap perfectly!

Check out WNYC's Radio Lab. It's science & pop-culture with interesting subjects and high production value.