Thursday, January 13, 2011

books of interest, fiction

the three most recent books i have read and what they made me think about...

let's say it was november when i read elizabeth strout's olive kitteridge. it is made up of several short stories which all connect in one way or another to the main character; olive kitteridge. my sister-in-law lent it to me. i had been having a hard time getting into reading after a long hiatus, and i found this book to be an excellent transition. not only was it heartfelt, it was difficult to put down... it got me thinking about growing older. it gave me perspective on different familial roles. and family dynamics. perspective... sometimes i wonder what i'll think when i look back in ten years. often i wonder what other people are thinking. anyway i highly recommend it.

i picked up high fidelity by nick hornby at seekers on bloor. i have seen the movie several times. i even own a copy on vhs... and all these years i had no idea it was based on a book. a really great book! the movie is almost verbatim which was surprising. the book follows in greater detail rob's "five most memorable breakups".... the antics of his friends who work at his record store... his affinity for music and the influence it can have over mood ... which i enjoyed thoroughly and it felt as though i was conversing with a good friend while reading it. it made me analyze myself and relationships. and other people and their relationships. i think it offered insight and sympathy. it was also an easy read, but that doesn't mean it didn't have depth.

moving on to douglas coupland. a little while ago i bought hey nostradamus! and accidentally left it on the train while headed to montreal. i'm still dying to know how it ends... when i realized i wasn't getting it back anytime soon i went back to bmv but they didn't have another copy so i purchased girlfriend in a coma... which is about (duh) a guy whose girlfriend falls into a coma. it follows her friends and family and their different coping methods. as many of coupland's books are, it is set in north vancouver. a little bit of nostalgia for me. this book got me thinking about the future. not my future, but the future of our planet. it got me thinking about society and where we might be headed. and i was feeling skeptical and disappointed... but i brought it up with my dad, and after clarifying that "i need to start reading happier books" he shared with me his view; the world isn't going to shit. i'm still skeptical but i do appreciate his optimism. and he had some good points. i had to ask what "happier books" meant and basically we agreed the next book i read should be winnie the pooh. . . but it won't be. i have a couple on the go and i can't wait to tell you about them.

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