Saturday, January 29, 2011

what's cooking?

not this cat. 
this is oscar.  to quote his father pete, 'a new shade of brown has been discovered, oscar brown.'  oscar has a brother who is equally as handsome.  his name is sammy miami.  'he likes his cars the same as his women.  fast.'

isn't he precious? so bashful, but he appears to enjoy the spotlight.  don't worry, no cats were harmed and the stove was cleaned after his time to shine.

anyway after my failed attempt at cuddling (more like man-handling) the cats, and a failed game of euchre, 3 friends and i took turns at drawing in my sketchbook.  this game carried over to the emmet ray where a dj was spinning older vinyl.  and the crowd was .... interesting.  (by that i mean really weird)... but i hardly noticed the people around me because i was wrapped up in these crazy drawings.  if i get a chance i will post them sometime.  i'd also like to note that my dreams of learning web design were crushed last night, more like stomped on, but you get the idea.

here is me trying (and failing) to take an artistic picture at the emmet ray.  at least you kind of get a feel for the room and there is some bookshelf that i really like in the background.

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