Tuesday, January 25, 2011

snowy weather

the snowy weather as of late reminds me of my time at mount washington alpine resort...  actually one memory in particular comes to mind.  one day i was exiting the staff bus, head down, grumpily trudging my way through the snow. out of the blue the bus driver asked me if i wanted a lift... at first i didn't know what he meant.. and when i realized i felt a little uneasy.  throwing caution to the wind, i hopped on the front of his skis.  he glided us down to the front doors of the lodge with ease.  it was brief, but it was the feeling of freedom.  i wasn't locked in like i normally would be on skis, i had to put all my trust in the skier himself.  and it felt good to let go.  that memory has stuck with me.   other memories include: losing my parked car in a five foot snowfall, driving under and around fallen trees, an incident with a power line that we will not speak of, and being sideswiped by a snowboard instructor... good times.

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