Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dollar days at no frills

dollar days, 'nuff said.

people are going wild all over ontario, dollar days are back.  i'm talking about the franticness to buy everything before it sells out.  more specifically, buying things you absolutely do not need. my mom told me she had to physically stop herself from buying shampoo for a dollar. 
me: "oh the suave!?"
mom: "no it was called outrageous or something"
.... we both thought that buying shampoo for a dollar would be a good idea, for no reason other than it was only one dollar.  luckily[?] we have both made this mistake before and were able to control ourselves. she taught me to love deals.  and i think she is proud of my thrifty abilities.
you can read my review of no frills here


Anonymous said...

I had the best experience at no frills with you, friend :) That specific no frills in the junction had A-Mazing customer service; the staff were so friendly and knew their products.

mindvinyl said...

we should post picture of those delicious treats we crafted!