Thursday, January 27, 2011

things not to do

here is a list of things not to do... (list may or may not be based on true events)

  • neglect to use a bookmark (if you are against dog-earing pages)
  • forget your book somewhere you may never see it again*
  • order something from threadless before christmas**
  • wear brand new suede heels on a slushy and salted sidewalk (and expect them not to get ruined)
  • lend your metropass to someone***
  • expect there to be no ttc delays when you have to be somewhere
  • eat or drink (anything) while wearing your favourite clothing
  • let me choose which lineup to get in
  • lose your brand new glasses
  • forget to return dvd rentals on time
  • forget to buy toilet paper when you're on the last roll
  • wait three weeks to do your laundry****
  • stare directly at the sun....
  • photo taken on the gabriola ferry in november 2010
* because if you get it back you'll have no idea what page you're on as a result of previously stated negligence
** when you alert threadless that your items haven't arrived at all nevermind in time for christmas, they will kindly reply that the items you wanted are now out of stock, joy.
*** and realize they didn't return it when you're waiting in line for the streetcar without any change
**** and expect any stains will come out

please feel free to add to this list at anytime...


Alison said...

Did this happen all in one week? I hope not. I also hope they weren't your prescription glasses.

mindvinyl said...

not always in one week, but often enough! i found my (prescription) glasses after this post. wedged between my bed and the wall. i had to move my bed to retreive them. what a relief!