Sunday, January 23, 2011

pleasant surprise

i just got home from a lovely weekend that started with a movie and late night sushi on bloor with my oldest friend jennifer (of dolce amore cupcakes)...  she's not old, i've just known her since i was 2.  a night and day in burlington with my mom... and a night and day in niagara with the lovely nat & james.  i haven't been home since thursday and when i checked my mail tonight i was ecstatic to find a package from visual inclination, ivan's design business (also on twitter and vimeo) that he started in 1999.  congrats on 12 years and thanks for the package...

the best part was that it was addressed to mindvinyl enterprises

Print Craft from Visual Inclination on Vimeo.

the weather has been painfully cold.  but at least i got some nice pictures out of it... these are from nat and james' house...

this is a picture of an air conditioner i took last summer.  ...

these trees are pretty and they might be friends

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why would you steal someone's air conditioner?!
and why was there snow in the summer?!
annnnndddd are those trees friends like you and me???
sincerely Ms. Asks Alot.
aka Ange