Friday, January 21, 2011

haters gonna hate

hate all you want - i love the leafs. . . . last night i went to my first toronto maple leafs game in over ten years.  the last game i went to was at the maple leaf gardens with my dad.  we sat front row on the lush cushioned gold coloured chairs.  it was incredible.  i think my mom got the tickets through her old job at labatt.   last night was . . . different . . . but equally exciting.  we sat in section 318 in the very last row. it was perfect.  the people were there to watch the game and have a good time.  and drink beers that were the nearly the size of a small child ... and more expensive than a leafs jersey.

the game got off to a slow start.. and there were some hecklers.   but i'm all for positivity...

someone is excited....

when it started to pick up the fans quickly changed their tune.  the game ended with an exciting 5 - 2 victory for the leafs.  it felt like everyone at the acc was my best friend. you could accidentally walk full speed into someone and as long as you apologized it was like nothing ever happened.  many smiles were exchanged.  and people were genuinely amused with my childlike enthusiasm.

go leafs!


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