Monday, January 24, 2011

are you aware?

today was one of those days where the world was against me.  nothing in particular except everything in general.  luckily i stumbled upon this little gem...

i'm going to share this one too because i like how you can see that it's snowing.

i noticed it from across the street and stopped dead in my tracks.  i think i was drawn to it because somehow it looks like a vintage ad.  imagine being absentmindedly bombarded with that question... or maybe you were when you saw the picture?  one of the things i love about toronto is the diversity of the people.  culturally, politically, artistically, everyone brings something unique to the city. 

today after work i was descending the steps at st. andrew station. a man came flying from behind me and actually kicked me (accidentally) as he flung himself onto the train (while the doors were closing).  it made a loud noise and several people turned to see what it was.  i was embarrassed but i laughed it off, besides i'm made out of titanium.  he got on the train, and i stayed behind without serious injury.  i wonder what made him rush to the train so violently?  doesn't he know they come every 1 - 2 minutes in rush hour?  doesn't he realize that he was endangering himself and others?  i wonder if he is aware of the beauty he brings this place...  i wonder about a lot.

i'm glad tomorrow is tuesday.

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